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TMM loop243


Release Date: October 9, 2015
Format: Vinyl, CD, and High-resolution download.

CD or 12" Vinyl

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Digital Release


Honer CD

IONISATION - The Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble

Release Date: August 21, 2015
Format: High-resolution download and collector's edition CD.

Limited Edition CD


Digital Release



Second Inversion rethinks classical music with Loop 2.4.3's Time-Machine_music.  Check out the "Sneak Peek Audio Leak"

Stream the entire album and read an interview with Thomas Kozumplik including editorial by Maggie Stapleton:

Robert Hohner's Ionisation - "...a tangible added exultation...percussion at its best"

The iconic UK audio magazine reviewed Hohner's release in the October issue. Read the review

Advance single from Loop 2.4.3 on Youtube

New Video for MK Ultra from Time-Machine_music

Seattle-based filmaker David Derickson and Fist Fight Films produced this highly creative and engaging music video for Loop 2.4.3's new release.

Ionisation - new release, the Robert Hohner Legacy Project

Robert Hohner was an amazing human being and friend.  He was also an inspiring musician, director, and ensemble leader, which you can witness in this posthumous release.  This eclectic collection, immaculately recorded by Jeff Harrison, showcases Hohner's ensemble performing a wide range of classic literature.  The title track proves that "avant-garde" music can be cohesive, compelling, and groove like mad.  Info, streaming, and purchase links in the left-hand column.